Service During Construction

Good Construction is the result of coordinated effort.  The approval of the plans and specifications for a project is just the beginning.

When a project is in the construction phase, John R. Byerly, Inc. provides the testing and inspection that ensures that the contractor meets the specifications.

Services include:

• Grading Observation and Compaction Testing

​• Construction Materials Testing

      • Asphalt concrete

     • Portland cement concrete

     • Reinforcing steel

     • Structural steel

     • Aggregates

     • Masonry

• Special Inspection

     ​• Reinforced concrete

     • Batch planting inspections

     • Asphalt concrete pavement

     • Shop and field welding

     • Ultrasonic testing

     • Masonry placing

     • Light pole standards and bases

John R. Byerly, Inc. also tests:

  • Concrete and clay tile
  • Asphalt built up roofing
  • In-place masonry shear strength
  • Proof loading

If a desired service is not listed above, please feel free to contact us by e-mail as to availability of services at or by telephone (909) 877-1324.

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